Staged Assessment and Response Network

Options for addressing Specific Learning Difficulties through StARNet - a Staged Assessment and Response Network

  • Sometimes children don't learn easily.
  • Something is getting in the way.
  • It may a dyslexic difficulty - but often other factors are involved, and should be addressed.
  • This chart gives some idea of these factors.
  • For the learner, it can be a lonely, difficult and disheartening process.

The StAR Network

Lets you explore, one step at a time, how a specific difficulty or barrier may be affecting your child,
and how you might help. It starts with a simple questionnaire for you to complete and return.

  • Depending on the outcomes, you can opt for:
    • Fuller educational and/ or psychological assessment
    • Tailored advice for home and school
    • Referral to a specialist / therapist to address possible
         underlying causes more directly